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El corazón de la Chimba, Teatro del Sonido
WOMAD Festival 2017, Santiago, Chile

A fully immersive experience by Teatro del Sonido, a Chilean Street Theatre and performance company. This sound-sensorial journey takes the audience through the history of la Chimba, a sector in the North bank of the Mapocho river which has been populated since pre-Hispanic period by indigenous families.

The performance has been presented twelve times over three days at the Cementerio General at WOMAD festival, World of Music, Arts and Dance in Santiago, Chile.

Direction:Martín Erazo / Cristóbal Carvajal
Sound production:Cristóbal Carvajal
Production and art design:Cristobal Ramos / Elizabeth Dastres
Performers:Sergio Gilabert, Carolina Díaz, Camila Rojas Cannobbio
Visual Artist:Hanzo Schwarz