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Under The Skin

When you yawn, I yawn. When you look into my eyes, I see you. But when you move, neurons dance in my brain.

Based on ideas of empathy and mimicry, this project invites you to an interactive media experience, which uses our surrounding space and the interconnection among us to explore theories of affect. Under the Skin is collaboration between a performance artist (Camila Rojas Cannobbio), a musician (David Garofalo) and a visual artist (Hanzo Schwarz). By combining movement, sound and image, they explore together the interdependent relation between audience and performer, and how empathy might emerge through this encounter.

Concept and Direction: Camila Rojas Cannobbio
Sound Artist : David Garofalo
Visual Artist : Hanzo Schwarz
Performer : Camila Rojas Cannobbio
Technical Support : Ken Mizutani
Brink Festival, RSCCD. June 2015